Hannah Montana


She took that well.

For those who think Harry is talking erotically when he says ‘she took that well’ no, he was commented on an aggressive contestant on The X Factor. :)

One Direction cartoon drawings.


One Direction can't even sing.




Why are you shouting directly into my ear?



Chapter Six


Mia woke me up jumping on the bed. Which was so funny! It was nice, she through a gift bag at me, and a card. I sat up and opened the envelope, the card front was like a picture of me her and Michaela in Italy and it sang to me, well she sang to me! I opened the present.

"What happened with you and a Harry last night?" She asked. I smiled. "Did you make it official?" I nodded and smiled. "Oh, are you happy?" I nodded again.

"He got me those bunch of roses, they are amazing! And this bracelet…" I said. "Yeah, he got matching bracelets, his is like more black and masculine and mines just makes me feel so happy and it makes me feel closer. "But he has another present for me." After showering all my text messages came through. I came across one from Taylor. "Mi’ Taylor text me last night, she’s telling me she hates me and I’m a backstabber for going out with Harry. I’m not even her friend. She can get away!"

Mia went home, I got ready. I wore a pear of high-waisted dark denim shorts. A peach sort of t-shirt, which was the shape of a round neck tank-top and I tucked it in, it was slightly baggy and it looked decent. I had white knee length socks, with red converse. I done my make-up, and my hair was straightened and I put it over both shoulders. I used my fingers to sweep them back. I went downstairs to my parents, first time seeing them today! They gave a surprise, with massive balloons spelling my name, there where home made banners and everything. My dad in his casual wear, he looked fantastic. A nice polo-shirt, in green, Lyle&Scott. Then a pear of jeans, and some brand new trainers. My mum, she wore a summer dress, had her hair all curled, some heels. She looked so good, real MILF.

"You’re 19 Bil, and I bought you the most amazing present ever." My dad said, I smiled. He took me outside, and then there stood the classic Lamborghini. It was black. Had a red bow around it. It was so incredible. I hugged my dad, because I know my dad has beyond a lot of money, but it was special. My number plate: B1LL13 I was so happy. I hugged my dad. We went inside, I got a lot, I mean a whole new wardrobe, then millions of shoes. My parents seriously spoiled me, I got a new guitar, I got seriously so much! New iPad, brand new iPhone which was released yesterday. It was dazzled!

After a lovely family moment, I went up to my bedroom because it’d just been cleaned by the house keeper. I was super excited for Harry to come early, I mean after last night. Today would be great. I was sitting in my music room. It’s like, my bedroom, which is pretty homey and then there is double doors that open to my wardrobe and further into my wardrobe through is a music room where I record tracks and stuff. It was nice, because I hate people hearing me and it’s sound proof. IMac, mic, mic guard, all music instruments and stuff.

"Billie." I heard. It was Harry, I had to get out of the music room. I grabbed my nail file and walked into my wardrobe. I sat on the sofa in my wardrobe. He came in and I just gave a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He looked good, a White polo-shirt and a red jumper, tight fitted, then a little bow-tie, then some skinny jeans and looser and sort of darker than skin tone, and some White converse. "Happy Birthday again! OK I have a present for you, but you have to close your eyes."

"I said no more presents!" I said. I closed my eyes as he left, and then I heard him come back in. I laughed. "Can I open my eyes yet Harry?"

"Yeah!" He said, I opened my eyes and gasped. He had a little puppy. I just burst out laughing, but it was the cutest thing ever. Do you know how you get those tiny, toy dogs, like tea cup dogs, it was a Yorkie had silver diamond type collar around it’s neck. "This is for your birthday!"

"Oh my goodness, this is the cutest thing ever. You actually bought me a puppy?" I asked. He nodded. I smiled and laughed again. I kissed his cheek and went back into my bedroom.

"It’s a nice photo you have on your bedroom wall there right in front of your bed." He said. I laughed. I had a photo shoot like two months ago, and then it was massive and on the wall right in front of my bed. Harry sat of my bed, petting the dog. I lay on my tummy at the bottom of my bed.

"You know, I woke up this morning to a text message from Taylor." I said. He sighed.

"What did she say?" He asked. I grabbed my mobile phone, my new one! I had the same sim card, so the same everything. I opened Taylor’s text message.

"She basically said, thanks for inviting me, hope your birthday goes well… Then she went, but I don’t like you." I said. He went wide eyed.

"She said that?!" He asked, I nodded.

"She told me, I was backstabbing her because I’m going out with you." I said. "No offence but that was just the best thing to wake-up too on your birthday right."

"Did you reply?" He asked.

"Don’t be silly, I’m not arguing with anyone, it’s my birthday! A happy day." I said. "I’m not even going to reply, I mean… I don’t even know the girl. Remember in LA when she told me that you cheated on every girl you dated…"

"She’s so shallow, just ignore anything she has to say." He said. "I promise you, I won’t cheat. I never ever have, I have even thought of that, in my life! I promise."

"I believe you! You don’t have to tell me, I already know!" I said and smiled. "If she turns up tonight, I’ll leave it in front of my grandparents and stuff, but I won’t hesitate in speaking to her."

"Leave Taylor out of everything, ignore her… What you going to name your dog?" He asked.

"This is going to sound so stupid, but I always wanted a tiny dog like this and always said I was going to call it Rory… It is a boy right?" He nodded. "I’ma call it Rory!"

"Awh Rory!" He said. I smiled. I grabbed a little blue hair bow and put it in the dogs hair. He laughed. "Are you serious? Are you really going to dress the dog up?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"I’m going to put him in a little bag!" I said. He laughed, and the dog was sleeping so Harry moved the dog aside.

"I have a really sore head. Do you want to rub my head?" He asked. I laughed.

"Not particularly, would you like me rub your head?" I asked. He pouted and nodded. I smiled. "Awww, OK! Move forwards, let me get behind."

"Shouldn’t I say that to you?" He asked, he laughed. I slapped his head. He lay his head down. I pulled his hair back and rubbed his head. "You’re an angel for doing this." He said. I smiled.

"Harry." I said. "Do you know when you meet my grandma, erm… I can’t tell her you’re my boyfriend."

"Why?" He asked. "Are you embarrassed of me?"

"No no no, I love you but my grandma really doesn’t believe in boyfriend before marriage, she believes that engagement in the only way you can really be with someone!" I said.

"What did you do with your previous boyfriends?" He asked, with his eyes closed.

"No one’s been special enough to meet my family, seriously… No one else has even met my parents!" I said. "No seriously, I’ve never been with someone for more than one months, because they always go away when they get bored and sleep with someone else!"

"That’s so bad." He said. "I’ll never do that! How come I’m getting to meet them, we’ve been going out for less than 24 hours."

"It’s different, we’ve been seeing each other for… 6 months!" I said.

"Am I special?" He asked.

"Very special." I said, he opened his eyes and smiled. I smiled back. He sat up and flipped his hair.

"Do you want to kiss considering, I won’t be able to express my love." He said. I laughed and nodded. The I kissed him.


We arrived at Billie’s house, there where quite a few people there. Billie’s grandma, and other grandparents, then her parents. Her friends where there, her neighbour and then all of us and a guest. It was so nice.

Everyone was sat at the table.

"Nan, did you enjoy your new years party of you and Kaya?" Billie asked - Kaya is her neighbour, who is 18.

"Yeah, we where partying." She said. Everyone laughed. "Just kidding." Her grandma was so funny. There was clear tension between Taylor and Billie. Billie showed me a text. That was ridiculous. She showed Zayn while I was with him, with her.

I seen Harry fidget. Then Harry looked at Billie. I was just staring. The food was amazing.

"Mrs O’Brien, the food was amazing!" Louis announced, everyone agree’d.

"Thank you!" Billie’s mum said. She was so pretty, and looked just like Billy with the blond hair. What I was so shocked at, Bill O’Brien, is the most incredible golf player in the world, he is world wide famous, he’s never ever lost, he’s a club owner, he’s a promotors, he manages a worldwide record company, he own several restaurant. This man is the bigger man in the world. Pretty starstruck if I’m honest. No wonder they live in the biggest house in the world.

The table was cleared. Then there was glasses handed out, and champagne. Everyone had a glass as Billie’s parents brought the birthday cake that Billie’s mum,who is a cake, maker, decorator… It was incredible, like a sculpture of Billie. Everyone sang and it was so nice.

It tasted even better.

Billie’s family soon left, as did Mia and Michaela. We where all invited to stay for a bit longer.

"We’ll go to the conservatory." Billie said. "Allow you to clean up dad!" She then added and smiled.

"Yes Billie. Don’t you worry, we got this." Her dad said. Billie’s mum Rose, handed us a bottle of her finest Rose Wine. Everyone had a glass as we where sitting in the conservatory. Conversation was flowing.

"Billie you kept your dad a secret for the previous half a year." Liam said.

"What do you mean?" She asked and laughed.

"You didn’t exactly tell us your dad was a legend. He’s basically the most famous man in the world." He replied.

"No one asked." She said. "I mean come on, no one got it. My name, is basically the same as my dads."

"I get it." Niall said and laughed. It was nice. I mean, everyone was in couples. My self and Louis, Liam and Sian, Niall and Silke, Zayn and Taylor and Harry had his arm around Billie. What cute little lover birds.

Silke and Niall where whispering to each other. They where loud enough for everyone to hear, but everyone pretended they couldn’t hear.

"I love you." Niall whispered to her.

"I love you too." Silke replied.

"You know you’re the only girl I’ve ever loved, and liked in that way. Any other girl I’ve been, that girl means nothing to me. Good for keeping me fun, and more of sleeping with. They don’t mean a single things to me." I kept my eye on Billie, because she kind of zoned out whilst everyone spoke. I watched as her eyes got a little red, then one tear fell from her right eye down her cheek. She stood up, didn’t speak to anyone and just walked off.


She just stood up and walked off. I didn’t have a clue why, I looked at Livs because I noticed she wasn’t speaking either. She nodded to me as if to so: Go and comfort her… I stood up, and walked off and followed Billie who went to her bedroom of course. She was just sitting there on the sofa things with the puppy.

"Are you OK?" I asked, then I walked over and sat beside her. She nodded. "Why are you upset?"

"Don’t pretend you didn’t hear them whispering…" She spoke, croaky voice. I looked down.

"Do you still like Niall?" I asked.

"No, I don’t really. I settled things with him last night, you know like after you asked me and I said I couldn’t because of what was going on between Niall and I." She said. "It’s just how is that supposed to make a person feel. We all know what happened in LA, and it’s not just going to blow over. We all know that but what he said. That no one means anything, they’re just sleeping partners."

"Did you actually sleep with him?" I asked. Just wanting to make things clear. She nodded. I sighed. "Do you want me to speak to him?" She shook her head.

"I’m not causing any arguments." She said.

"No no, I’ll speak nicely." I said. She smiled. It was strange, she was already in her pyjamas.

"Do you think everybody will find me really mean if I just go to bed?" She asked.

"Not at all. How could anyone ever think you’re mean. You just want everyone to be happy, I have never heard you do anything mean." She smiled and then she got into bed with the puppy. I lay there. On top of the covers and like… Played with her hair, I love girls hair. It’s so fascinating.

Chapter Five


So, yes. I went on that date with Harry, and maybe 2 or 3 others. Still not, full girlfriend and boyfriend as of just yet. After about two months of getting to know each other, it has been about two months since I last seen him. It’s true what they say: absence makes the heart go stronger. And I does. It really does. Tonight, I, Billie O’Brien is hosting a New Years Eve party, and sort of a birthday party, because tonight… Well tomorrow, January first. I turn 19. Everyone, I mean everyone is going to be there. All my friends, just a lot of people.

I didn’t go over the top on my outfit. I had a long dress to the floor, it was black, it was like a body-con dress, until just below my bum and then there was a sort of see through silk, lace from my waist to the floor, so you could see my shoes. A red bag, some red lipstick, and my make-up done very nice by some professional make-up artists. My hair, still long and blonde had been in big rollers all days, and when the hair stylist took them out, my hair was like rough curls are the bottom and pretty volumed at the top. I looked in the mirror and smiled, my teeth freshly whitened today.

"You look truly dashing, everyone is here darling." My mum said. I smiled and hugged her. I loved being late, my girls: Mia - she was wearing a pear of hot pants, and her hair was pinned back, Michaela was wearing a striped body con, strapless dress, with her hair also pinned back. We all walked down the stairs, and everyone kind of sang happy birthday to me. It was amazing, but I was only looking for one person.

"Louis." I said, once I seen him. "Is Harry here?"

"He is not here as off just yet babe!" He said.

"Billie." My mum said from behind me. I turned around. "The door is waiting to be answered."

"I’m going!" I said.

"Happy birthday anyway Billie!" Louis said. I hugged him and then I scurried off. I fixed my hair before answering the door. Someone stood there behind a massive bunch of roses. They moved them out of the way.

"Happy Birthday… Almost Happy New Year Too!" He said. I smiled. "These are for you!" He handed me the flowers. I smiled and hugged him. The night continued, I was speaking to almost everyone, and hardly spoke to Harry.

"Yeah, I’m really rushed off my feet, I’m trying to speak to everyone." I said. Rushing off from person to person. Someone grabbed my hand, it was Harry. He took me into the TV room. Which was off limits and he sat me on the sofa. He handed me a glass of wine, it was full. "I really have to go speak t-"

"Me!" He said. "Speak to me, of which you haven’t all night. I came here to see you…"

"I’m so sorry, I’m here now!" I said and smiled, drinking a little bit of the wine.

"I got you something for your birthday." He said and sat forward. He handed me a box, with a ribbon around it.

"You already got me those incredible flowers!" I said and smiled. I opened the box. Linx London bracelet, exactly like his. I gasped, it was like pink, lined with silver and the edge was diamonds, real diamonds. "Wow."

"Do you like it?" He asked. I just looked.

"I love it! No seriously, it is beautiful." I said. He smiled and put it on my wrist. I kissed his cheek.

"I was thinking, we’ve been seeing each other for 5 months!" He said. "Why don’t we just make it official…"

"Are you asking me out?" I asked and smiled. He nodded. "I really really really want to say yes, but I can’t. I don’t want to change the way we are as of just yet! Please don’t break it off, I can’t do that, with you being best friends with Niall. I haven’t even spoken to him since… Let’s wait a little." He nodded. We left, I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to say yes, right now I had to find Niall.

I spotted him speaking to some of my friends: Paul and Joey. I walked over and just whispered in his ear to follow me, he did. I went into the laundry room this time.

"Why did you do that, back in LA?" I asked.

"I don’t know!" He said, leaning against the door. Putting his head in his hands.

"That was really shallow. You went and let me like you when secretly it was an act, you had a girlfriend all along." I said.

"I know, I know… I was a complete idiot for doing that! It’s been eating at me for the previous five months." He said.

"You convinced me you liked me, and whilst I started to like you… I mean, I almost loved you, and-" I started. He just walked up to me.

"I think I love you." He said. He just went and kissed me, I done what I could to get away.

"You as much as I know that kiss meant nothing and I didn’t feel nothing, I love you, as a friend OK? And I really really want to be friends, I can’t move on to anyone in less we are." I said. He nodded and smiled. I smiled back. "It’s my birthday! And it is like 20 seconds to midnight, everyone is outside for the fireworks!" I hugged him.

"Happy Birthday friend!" He said. I smiled and we ran outside, I heard the countdown approaching… 3,21… So I looked around, I seen Harry just standing on his own beside everyone, he was staring at his feet.

"3,2…" The countdown called and I was right behind Harry. "1…" I tapped his back, he turned around and I just kissed him. I put my hand through his curls, and his hands lifted my up, and I just kissed it, then once we came out of it.

"I think love you." I said. "Let’s make this official."

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I smiled and nodded, "Happy Birthday." he added and thn I kissed him again, this time I was standing.

"Billie." I heard, I turned around, Harry just dropped his hands.

"Happy New Year dad!" I said. "Dad, this is Harry… My boyfriend! Harry meet… Bill. My dad."

"Good evening Sir, and happy new year." He said and shook my dad’s hand. Everyone wished me happy birthday. It was perfect.

The end of the night came and everyone went home, it was just me, my parents and Mia. Make-up off, hair-up, pyjamas, bed and ready for tomorrow!


That party was actually very good, everyone there was so nice. Everything was perfect. The car ride home was… Erm… The best. When Harry and Niall are slightly drunk, they tell these unfunny jokes but then when Harry laughs he’s so loud and funny and everyone laughs at them laughing.

"That was fun!" I said.

"Yeah, fantabulouis." Harry said. I just looked.

"That was really, really, cheesy Haz." I said. He laughed again. Finding everything funny. Every time someone speaks, he laughs. "Did you call your mum?" He laughed.

"No, I did!" He said. "I called her at the start of the night, I’ll call her tomorrow." He said, acting pretty sensible. "I’m not drunk, I just find Niall hilarious, like seriously."

"Thanks buddie!" Niall said. Harry was obviously lying. He was drunk, had to take a picture to cherish the moment, flicking my mobile to the front camera.

"Harry. Slap your self in the face and say cheese." I said. He done as I asked. I took a picture of it, because it was so funny. Then I tweeted it: ‘@Harry_Styles just slapped him self in the face because I told him too. #IownYouBro

I got a text from Livs: ‘Hm… I think you should take me out tomorrow, deal?’

'Yes sir… I mean, yes mam! X' - Me.

"Who wants to go to see a movie tomorrow?" Harry asked everyone. We just looked.

"Are you forgetting something… And someone?" Niall asked. He just looked around.

"You already told us earlier… It’s Billie’s birthday, and you’re going around to her house for dinner…" I said.

"Yeah, that’s today silly’s. Tomorrow!" He said. We laughed.

Good night, good good night. I looked to the seat and Harry’s mobile had fallen out his trousers pocket. I lifted it up, he had a text message from Billie: ‘Almost everyone’s asleep… Well actually, it’s just Mia, my mum is washing her face, my dad is catching up on his… Golf. Yet I cannot sleep, because Mia snores. I mean, really… Really… Reeeeaaallllllyyyyy loudly! :( xxx' I read through the text messages. There where some cheesy chat up lines coming from Harry.

"LOUIS. Give me my mobile phone back or I shall mess your perfectly groomed hair." Harry said taking the mobile.

"Yo bro no mess with the locks!" I said. Everyone laughed whilst Harry held his phone tighter than firmly in his hand.


I felt weird that Billie invited me to her party, even although it’s been more than a year. I can never be cool with her, yeah, I’m cool with Harry. We text. I don’t know what it is, I am so over Harry, like seriously but we can’t ever be friends. She intimidates me. I mean not every girl can be happy that her ex boyfriend is dating this girl. Hope they’re happy though. I decided to text Billie, to tell her what I reall thought about her.

'Hi Billie, just thinking. Thanks for inviting me to your party, happy birthday, enjoy your birthday but I just want to tell you that I personally don't like you. I never want to and I think you're a backstabber for going out with Harry and to be honest. I'm over it.' - Me. She didn't reply. It was annoying me.

My mobile started to ring. It was Zayn. I answered the phone.

"Hello." I said.

"Hey!" He said.

"You alright?" I asked.

"I’m great, babe, do you want to go out on a date?" He asked. Straight out with it. I thought to my self about Harry and Billie.

"Yes!" I said. "What about tomorrow?"

"Erm, I’m going to Billie’s house for dinner for her birthday with the other boys. You can come along too?" He said. "We can go for a drink after it."
“Mhm, OK as long as we’re there for ages.” I said.

"OK babe, I’ll see you tomorrow!" He said. I was glad, I’d moved on from Harry but what better than to get in there with his best friend. BINGO!

The boys at Nando's.


What would you like to order?


Spicy Chicken Wings


I might have chicken bites


Chicken bites


Can I have another spoon? This one isn't big enough to see my hair.


Spicy wedges


*hugs the table leg* Kill the spoon


mash potato


Louis, shall we skip dinner and go home.




Harry, you look sexy with your hat on.


A half chicken


Mhm, two spoons to look at my two beautiful eyes.


More Fries


Zayn. Please. I think I'm going to cry.


Peri-Peri Crips


OK I'll use the salad bowl.


oh I don't know weather to have coke or water, if I get coke the water won't get used. Oh dear I feel mean.


Salad, with dressing.


Larry Sex is trending shall we Prove them correct




and more chicken.

Liam the cute criminal.


Guys I have a prank we can play on Paul.


We will go into his hotel room... *holds in laughter*

Other 4 boys:



OK so we go in... We take his hotel key right...


Looking promising.


Then we... *laughing gets hard to bear for Liam* We put it on the other bedside cabinet. *Liam does prank and bursts out crying*


You alri' Liam?


No, I'm such a bad ass meanie. Why did I do that. I'm a bully. I need tong to the police.









Chapter Four


I woke up, Billie and Mia where totally looking out outfits. Billie told us everything, and that today she just wanted to have fun with Harry and finally not be in private.

"Bil, what you thinking of wearing?" I asked, slushing the milk into a mug. She went into her room with an outfit, and then came back out after she was ready. She walked back out, not dressed to the 90’s but very casual, unlike previous dates. A light floral jumpsuit, it was like a tank top at the bottom and hot pants for shorts, then a red belt around them. She went with high-heeled wedged, these one’s had red bits and she looked really nice, her hair was a fish-tail plait down one side, she had simple make-up on, pale pink lipgloss, a bit of mascara and things. "So nice Billie, you’re so natural and I love that look."

"I feel I don’t have to make this massive effort to become the ulitimate Essex girl, but I guess I’m proud of who I am. I didn’t learn that from Niall Horan, I learned it from Harry Styles… Oh my flap jack, I sound so big headed with a big ego. Ew." She said and ended with a giggle.

"Come on Mich, wrap your hair up and out your bikini on, we’ll leave this house empty for when he arrives. Good luck babe." Mia said, she kissed Billie’s cheek. I done the same. Then left, leaving her to sit alone, finalising by spraying perfume before Harry arrived.


I heard the door knock, I didn’t like this because when you walk to the door, it is glass and everyone can see in and out of it without opening it. I walked towards the door, staring at the ground concentrating on not falling off my shoes. As I was just about to open the door I looked up and smiled. He looked very handsome: some chino shorts, beige colour, then a white Abecrombie and fitch t-shirt tucked in, with a new pear of converse, well… I assumed they where new.

"You alright?" He asked and kissed my cheek.

"I’m good." I said. He handed me a bunch of flowers. I thanked him.

"You look beautiful." He said, I smiled and thanked him.

"So what are we doing?" I asked and smiled.

"Well, for our wild and wonderful date we shall begin with a bike ride, hence the reason for the bycicle." I just smiled, false smile. I hate cycling.

"I’m not dressed for this!" I said. He just laughed and handed me a helmet. A red one. I laughed. "Are you really going to make me wear this?" He nodded. I put it on. "I look like an idiot!" He didn’t disagree. "Don’t hesitate on disagreeing babe."

"Oh…" He said. We cycled through a park.

"Oh great, now we’re in public." I said. "My bike riding skills aren’t up to scratch and when I get of this thing my bottom is going to be numb for a few hours." He just laughed.

"This is where we will stop because you appear to be struggling on the first stage of our date." He said. I laughed.

"That’s the best thing you’ve suggested." I said. We stopped and then the bikes where taken by the people who gave them.

"Close your eyes." He said. I sighed and then closed my eye’s whilst Harry covered them.

"Your hands are sweating." I said and laughed. He shhh’d me. Then removed his hands, and led me up a sort of hill. I opened my eyes. It was a picnic blackout, basket and a small portable ice box. I giggled. "This is… Cute." I sat down. He slowly removed some food, strawberries, grapes, sandwiches, some candy, and a few other treats, including champagne. I wasn’t as comfortable being alone. "Did you prepare this food yourself?" He nodded, I smiled. He popped the champagne and poured some into two glasses. I had a tiny drink, and had a sandwich and a few strawberry’s.

"Are you having fun?" He asked.

"Yes!" I said.

"Really?" He asked. "Don’t pretend!"

"I am! Honestly!" I said. "This is so nice! Next time, we should totally go on a boat ride."

"So there will be a next time?" He asked, I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. "How are you feeling today?"

"So much better, happy today!" I said and smiled. He smiled back.

"Why don’t you give me a hug?" He asked, I looked and smiled.

"Alright." I said, I got on my knee’s and sort of crawled over and gave him a hug, arms wrapped around the neck of him and then he fell over, and I kind of fell on top of him. Not on purpose though. I just laughed and he did too. We giggled a bit longer.

"Hm. Do you want to kiss me, like now?" He asked. I laughed. I pecked his lips.

"That’s it." I said.

"Awwwh." He sighed. I laughed.

"This is only first date!" I said and smiled.

"So will we do this again?" He asked me. I nodded.

"Maybe like closer towards the end, I really want to enjoy this holiday with my girls!" I said and smiled. He nodded.

"What about when we get back to the UK? I mean you girls can still hang out with us, but like I’ll take you out back in the UK?" I nodded and smiled. "Where do you live?"

"Essex!" I said and smiled.

"I live an hours drive from Essex!" He said, I smiled.


It was nice of Livs to invite Michaela and I to there Villa, in their Villa there was Livs, Sian, Silke, Taylor and Alice. They where lovely girls, seriously so nice.

"So when will Billie be back, I want to know all about this date!" Sian said. I decided to text her.

'When you come back, come to Livs Villa :) x' - Me. She didn't reply, no wonder, probably having fun. It wasn't long before she arrived after my text. She was smiling, which was nice to see. Everyone pounded questions on her as soon as she sat down, where Silke was before she got up and left when Billie entered.

"Billie, I just want to say I didn’t want to be mean yesterday, it was my fault you where forced to kiss Harry. And I don’t have nothing against you. I’m sorry." Silke said. This came as a shock to everyone, except for me, Michaela and Billie. We’re the only one’s that know.

"It’s OK." Billie said.

"I just want to put all of this behind us and maybe be friends?" She asked. Billie nodded and they sat next to each other. It was obvious, Billie wasn’t over this.



Home time. I couldn’t believe how fast those two weeks went. The strangest this is, when we arrived we where just being normal teenagers having fun, but then One Direction, those girls turned our holiday pretty amazing and extra ordinary.

"Yes, we’re seated together!" I said to Billie. She smiled, I smiled back. She sort of walked in front beside Livs and Mia. Everyone was first class on the same flight, which is weird. Because we booked these flights 7 months ago.

"Michaela?" Harry asked, whilst I was tagging along behind.

"Yes?" I asked and smiled.

"Do you want to swap seats on the plane?" He asked. I looked and he looked back. "I just want to speak with Billie, I mean… I’m going to see my mum for a couple of weeks and won’t see her."

"OK!" I sighed. He smiled and kissed my cheek. I was wowed. I ran up behind Billie and whispered in her ear. "I just switched seats with your love due to what he insisted." She looked at me. She smiled. "He wants to speak with you, and seemed pretty… Chuffed." She smiled at me as we put her suitcases through the conveyor belt.


I sat down on the plane. I looked so boring, I had no make-up, my hair was wrapped up in a neat hair bun on top of my head. I had a pear of USA styles leggings, with a Jack Wills hoodie, and converse. I wasn’t ready for anyone to come speak to me like this.

Harry wasn’t long in sitting beside me.

"May I ask how you managed to take this seat from my friend?" I asked.

"I asked." He said and smiled. I just smiled. "Besides, I’d rather not spend 13 hours of speaking about the fascinating things Niall discovered in the several museum he went to with Liam. I just laughed.

"Would you rather I bore you with the fascinating things I’ve read every night in my book of history?" I asked.

"History?" He asked.

"I’ve studied history since I was 14! One of the things I adore!" I said.

"Just like you adore me?" He asked flicking his hair.

"Do you always flip your hair?" I asked. He nodded to me.

"Do you want to hear my chat-up line?" He asked.

"Hit me with it?" I said and put my legs up on the chair as the plane was flying.

"Did you just flip your hair, because I’m very overwhelmed." He said. I laughed so loud, it had everyone staring. "It was as hot as me."

"You are so big headed!" I said. He gasped. "I like it, it’s so much better than someone who never speaks, or can even hold a full conversation, it’s great that you have an ego, even if it is very cocky! I wouldn’t be with someone who is like that."

"For you too say that, does that mean you’re with me and we’re together?" He asked. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders, he smiled. "Do you want to be together?" I smiled. I nodded.

"But not a full-on relationship, just yet!" I said. He nodded.

"Of course, nothing too serious, no rushing!" He said, I nodded and smiled. He smiled back.

"Now back to business, I’m really tired. I need to sleep!" I said.

"What about when we get back to the UK… I’m going to Cheshire to see my mum and family for a couple of weeks, because after the touring in Aussie and US I need to see them!" Harry said. "But in two weeks, I’ll take you out… On a proper date."

"No bike rides?" I said. He laughed.

"Oh come on, that was so fun!" He said and laughed. I looked. "OK, OK no bikes babe. No bikes. I promise." I laughed, he laughed too.

Harry fell asleep before me. But then, I fell asleep too.

Chapter Three.



“How is everything going?” Mia asked me.

"No seriously, I always said I’d never ever have a summer romance, but I’m kind of changing my tone now… That boy is seriously the most amazing person I’ve ever met. With two weeks left, I just want to enjoy it." I said. "It’s the 4th of July, USA is partying right now, we’re all going to the street fair! The sun is even brighter, and just, I don’t know I am so happy. I’ve spoken to my mum about him."

I slipped into a really nice floral print high-waisted pair of like puffy shorts, and a baby pink bandeau top. I had my hair in loose curls and all sitting nice. My make-up was decent, I’d bought a new pear of RayBans, Harry Potter/Ozzy Osbourne type, I loved them, $750 well spent.

"Here babe, where these one’s you just bought, they’re the same colour as your top!" Mia said, I grabbed the high heeled wedges, I love them, they’re high-heeled, designer and just get a pair to match everything. "You wearing your Rosary bead necklace?" I nodded putting on the Rosary necklace. Michaela there a hat at me, it was a floral print hat, the same as my skirt - a bowler hat, my favourite hat.

We left the Villa and we where meeting everyone at the fair. It was going to be amazing, there was going to be millions of people there, little stalls with cute jewellery and just millions of things. Music and things. We arrived and it was an incredible atmosphere, there was clowns, a fun fair and everything. Terrific!

"Hey babe." Everyone was saying as again, kissing cheeks with everyone occurred. It was nice. Something weird was happening, everyone was together as a group, but Niall just wasn’t speaking to me, everyday for the previous two weeks. He didn’t even say ‘hello’. I walked over and it was as if he was forced to day high.

"You OK?" I asked.

"Am good, am good." He replied.

"What’s goin on?" I just cut straight to the point.

"What do you mean?" He asked just looking innocent. Sitting on the wall. I sat down.

"I mean like for the previous two weeks you’ve been paying like every second of the day to me, but today you’re just ignoring me?" I said, smiling so no one thought anything was wrong.

"I’ve not." He said.

"You have." I said. Silke walked over. "You alright?"

"No not really." She said. "I mean, Niall already told me which happened the previous two weeks, and it’s going to be hard, but we’re putting it behind us, including you."

"Wait what?" I said and just looked. My sunglasses where on my head, I took them off.

"Yeah, for the previous three years Niall and I have been boyfriend and girlfriend." She said. "We’ve never been off." I don’t know why, but I started to water up.

"Is this true?" I asked. Niall nodded. "I can’t believe you’d actually play me, you’re so low."

"N-" Niall said.

"You know what, don’t speak to me ever again. You’re an idiot." I said, I walked off. I put my sunglasses on. Then I walked over to the hill under a palm tree and sat down. I actually put my head in my hands and cried.

"Hey!" Harry said.

"Hi babe." I said, I don’t know what it is. I call everyone babe. He sat beside me. I tried to make it look like I wasn’t crying, but knowing my luck, my eyes would be slightly blood shock. I took my glasses off. "I’m a fool."

"Hey, Niall’s a nice guy, but he did was terrible." He said. I nodded.

"It’s totally ruined my holiday now! I just want to go home." I said.

"You’ve still got two weeks left, don’t let it ruin your holiday. You’ve only had half your holidays." He said. "You need to enjoy the rest."

"I don’t know, what am I supposed to do now?" I asked. "I just can’t enjoy it anymore."

"Hey, just forget those two weeks, just look forward to the next two, no one is forcing to spend time with Niall, because I agree what he did was terrible." Harry added. I smiled.

"It’s the 4th of July, let’s have fun." He said and smiled. I smiled. "The fun fair, do you like show attractions?" I shrugged my shoulders and nodded… "You look beautiful, don’t waste your beautiful summer clothes sitting around."

"You’re so lovely." I said. He smiled. "You know when everyone was at that camp fire? I was asked by Mia and Sian right…"

"Let’s walk and talk." He said. I nodded. I stood up, and we walked.

"They asked me if I’d rather get to know Niall, or get to know you… I said Niall, because he was already being really nice to me, you know… I wish I’d chosen you." I said. I’d never really admit it. "I wonder what it would’ve been like…" We kept walking.

"It’s not too late…" He said - walking into the beach fair. I just looked, almost tripping over the sand in my shoes. I hooked onto his arm.

"Stop." I said. "I’ve had a little bit to much drama for half my holiday, I just want to get the rest over with and go home already!" I really wanted to jump at the chance to get to know him, but after what Taylor told me. I wasn’t setting my self up for more drama.

"I promise you two weeks of fun!" He said and smiled. I laughed.

"I can’t, I’ve my heart broken once this summer and I don’t want to happen twice." I said.

"What makes you think I’ll break your heart?" He stopped and asked. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Taylor sort of told me a couple of weeks ago…" He sighed at the sound of the name. "Are you close with her?"

"She’s my ex girlfriend. From 7 months ago!" He said. I just looked.

"Take it she didn’t get over it…" I said.

"She did, her friends didn’t." He said. "What did she say?"

"that you sleep with anything that will have him. You like would do anything to get into my pants. She warned me from her experience, and you’re a bad person." I said. "That’s pretty much it!"

"What?" He asked. I nodded. "That’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard. I would never do such a thing to anyone! She’s the only person I’ve been with in the last 8 months, we where together for one month, obviously, I’m eating… I can get girls, and like obviously I’ve slept with girls, but that was out of wanting to, I wouldn’t deliberately hurt someone to sleep with them. I’m not like that."


I sat with Taylor at the popcorn machine. Until we where ruddily interrupted by Harry and Billie.

"Taylor what are you doing?!" He said.

"Stop it Harry you’re acting like an idiot." Taylor replied.

"You’re the one acting like an idiot, why are you telling people things you know I would never do. You have no right at all." He said. "You’re seriously ruining my life Taylor!"

"Stop being a Dick and get over me." She replied laughing.

"Me?! You’re telling girls never to get to know me because I’d do anything to get into there pants!" He yelled. Making a total show of himself. "It’s not fair, just because you haven’t moved on it doesn’t mean I can’t."

"You know what do what you want, I don’t care for you anymore." She said.

"Bit harsh Harry." I mentioned. He just sighed and walked away. "What was that all about?"

"Nothing, that bitch trying to take him." She said. I laughed.


“Yeah babe this is so nice!” I said to Mia as we where enjoying some candy floss. Billie walked over.

"Hi babes." She said, to us, Livs, Mia, Michaela and myself. "You all OK?"

"Where were you?" Mia asked.

"I seen you get friendly with Harry…" Livs said, she giggled it off. "Something going on?"

She looked behind her. “He was just cheering me up, I found out something I really didn’t want to. I was pretty upset.”

"You OK babe?" Mia asked. Billie nodded.

"Hi girls!" Louis said. Hugging Liv from behind. "It’s an incredible atmosphere right? Everyone is so happy!" Billie giggled a bit. "I’m hearing you hit it off with Harry, I shouldn’t tell you, but it’s in my duty to… But Harry might think you’re the hottest girl he’s ever seen. Defo up his street, do you want to kiss him?" Everyone giggled. She just smirked, there was obviously something wrong.

"Go on Billie!" Livs encouraged her. She shrugged her shoulders. Livs’ turned around and then kissed Louis, just to show everyone how it’s done.

"Hi girls." Liam said. The other boys and Silke arrive. Liam sat beside me, being his girlfriend is amazing. He’s ever so kind. There wad obviously something going on with Billie and Harry as they were standing beside each other. Louis skipped over, this wasn’t going to not happen.

"Billie, Harry wants to snog you." Louis said.

"Don’t believe him, I didn’t say that." Harry replied.

"He did…" Louis added.

"I didn’t." Harry said.

"You saying you don’t want too Haz?" Louis asked, he just looked at Billie.

"Leave the girl alone." Harry said.

"Billie, I think you should kiss Harry." Louis said. She seemed to look at Niall who looked away.

"She’ll never do it, probably looking at someone who has a girlfriend." Silke said, now there’s something going on.

"Now that’s n-" Harry started but Billie just grabbed his head and kissed him, very intimate. Everyone just looked, and slowly left one by one. Leaving them alone, Liam and I decided to go for a romantic walk on the beach - aren’t we cute.


Well, wasn’t this a tiny bit awkward. Hm. Louis totally dropped me in it there. I didn’t mind the kiss thought. As we came out of it, she just looked down.

"You didn’t want to do that did you?" I asked, she just looked as if to say ‘no’.

"It’s not that I didn’t want to… Just I didn’t want to like be pressured into something I didn’t want to do… And besides you where almost about to tell everyone what happened with Niall!" She said.

"You can’t keep it a secret forever!" I said.

"What are you talking about, you where about to blow out your band mate, everyone would turn against him, I may be hurt. But I’m not mean, and neither are you." She said. "OK, do you want to know the truth?"

"Yes, that would be lovely?" I said and smiled.

"When I first came here and you know we where speaking at the camp fire, you gave me your jacket and things, I was cold and things, Niall was the only one awake, I guess that’s when this stuff started, I don’t think I even really liked him as such you know, he was really nice to me when everyone was getting involved." She said. "I’ve never said this to anyone, but if I’m honest. I’d have rather gotten to know you than Niall. I didn’t really get to know him either, he was just more of a touchy feely person."

"How about it… A date." I asked. She looked and sighed. "Nothing serious, for fun."

"For fun." She said. "I will go!" I smiled.

Chapter Two


I didn’t sleep at all, whilst almost everyone was sleeping I spent all night, sitting there freezing. I tried walking about, but I was far too cold. My feet where in agony and for the cherry on top, I am so fatigued. The sun was out, and it was officially warm again. Not all bad came out of the night…

"Good morning!" Niall said as he walked passed. I smiled. I’m positive we where the only one’s awake. "It’s getting warm! Do you want some tea?" I nodded and climbed over Harry and followed Niall into the kitchen. He lay out two cups. He looked at me…

"Just milk." I said.

"Did you sleep at all?" He asked. I shook my head. "Me either, it was freezing right?"

"So so cold, seriously… I was like so close to just escaping and going home, but I just stayed. No but seriously, it was absolutely freezing." I giggled. "Just have to sleep, all day today!"

"Yeah me too." Niall said. "Why don’t you come and sleep with me Oi Oi." He added with a cheeky wink. I just laughed, and raised my eye brows.

"Bit too early for that." I said. He just laughed and winked.

"Good morning." Harry said and walked in, flipping his hair as he walked inside, and sat at the Villa breakfast bar beside me. "I’ll have tea too thanks Niall."

"First real day in this beautiful city? What are you doing today?" I asked, making some conversation.

"Beach! Beach, beach!" Harry said smiling. "Trust me, I’m a beach guy. I really want to learn to surf! I love the sea!"

"Oh no, I hate the sea! I love the beach, just the sea." I said. They both looked at me. "I mean like, you get your feet and skin all wet, and then to have to troll back through the sand to leave the beach. It’s horrible, gets stuck to your skin and eugh!"

"Why don’t you come to the beach with us, like about 12 for a couple of hours, a nice beach cocktail?" Harry asked looking at me, flicking his hair and fixing it. I smiled - I really wanted to sleep, but I nodded as well.

- - - - - - - - - -

We where all getting ready for the beach, the other two girls where far more excited than I was. I put of my bikini, an Aztec patterned one. I liked it. I decided to back comb my hair and put it into a fixed bun at the top of my head, a set of RayBans, a pear of White Toms. My beach blanket, a bit a of tanning cream, to prevent burn but add tan. I did out a little make-up on, just mascara, eye-shadow, lipgloss.

"Those boys are the fittest boys I’ve ever ever been around!" Michaela said. Everyone giggled. "You know what’s weird, there was like three of them eyeing you up Bill!"

"Well, last night, you know Niall? You where all sleeping and I sat beside him of the grass right? He kept telling me I was beautiful, and he was like: You’re truly such a nice girl, and I really want to get to know you? Do you want to maybe have a drink sometime?" I said. They all gathered around me. "I said yeah, I mean you can’t deny he’s like really really hot!"

"Did you pull him?" Mia asked. "Like kiss him!"

"I’m an Essex girl, yes. He actually did kiss me." I said. "No, seriously… This is weird, I think I actually like him. I mean we’ve all known who he is, and he is a lovely guy. I really want to get to know him, but please don’t say anything!"

"Toats hush honey!" Michaela said and smiled.


We arrived at the beach, you know what’s weird. We planned this holiday 8 months ago and 7 months ago Harry and I broke up, yet Louis still insisted we’d come because we where all friends. I was still friends with Harry, but not as close as what everyone expected. No way.

"It’s a beautiful day." Harry said as we pitched a spot on the beach. A nice spot, there was, me, my best friends: Tash and Alice. Livs, Silke and the boys. Us girls decided the sea would appreciate a visit and left the boys at the spot, well. Alice and I stayed, because we wanted to enjoy the sun for a little bit.

"What’d you think of Billie, Mia and Michaela?" Tash asked the boys. She was determined to get the Harry and I back together.

"They where nice girls." Liam said.

"Very nice." Harry said. "Billie, she was rather nice. Very hot." I just looked down.

"Would you Harry?" Niall asked.

"I can put pride in saying, I most certainly would." He said. I just looked up as the girls approached. All three off them. All the boys looked as if there was a glowing ring around there head, they all stood up. Harry first, kissed there cheeks and stuff. I refused to.

All the boys and girls left until it was only me and Billie left.

"You know Harry thinks your really hot." I said. "I mean like he said he would." She just laughed.

"Yeah, he’s a nice boy." She said. "I’m not really interest in a summer romance with him."

"Well I think you should know, don’t go near him! He seriously, sleeps with anything that will have him. He like would do anything to get into your pants. I warn you from experience, you’re guarantee to have a… Dick head. On your hands." I said.

"Oh, thanks, but I’m really not interested." She said.

"But you should come out with us tonight?" I said.

"Yeah totally." She said and smiled. Lying down to gain a tan. Niall and Harry walked back up.

"You alright guys?" Niall asked.

"I’m just dandy." I said.


I actually really liked those girls, they where so lovely and down to earth. Billie, she was from Essex and I’m from the outskirts of Essex. She was lovely.

"Are you girls joining us tonight at the clubbing?" Niall asked.

"We will be!" Billie said and smiled.

"That’s good." Niall replied. "It should be fun."

"If it’s as fun as last night… Woo." Billie said sarcastically.

"Did you not have fun?" Harry asked.

"I had fun, it’s sleep I didn’t get." She said. Everyone laughed. "I don’t like the dark."

"Really?" Silke asked. She nodded.

"No for real, I am frightened off the dark, I have a phobia of sleeping alone, always have to have a friend stay." She said. It was nice she could tell us this, but I was to intrigued in Louis’ water swept hair than to pay attentions.


I spend the longest getting ready, I’d had a shower, I spent ages curling my hair and pinning it over to one side with some loose girls with a lot of volume. I done my make-up not orange, I love the lighter, tan look, but I had a smokey eye shadow effect, then a pair of eyelashes, some light foundation, blusher, lipstick. Red lipstick looks best with the colour of my blonde hair. I had a black dress on, it was like a black skater dress, sequenced skirt. I liked it with a beae of red high-heels.

"Oh what, Bill." Mia said. I laughed. "You look like the hot one a and we’re the ugly sisters."

"Shaaat up!" I said. I loved the Essex lingo, seriously.

We arrived at the club, it was so hot. Busy, I love busy clubs. We went inside and straight to where we seen Livs. I walked over, kiss of both cheeks to everyone and then it was time to party. I walked over to the bar my self. I stood at the bar.

"You alright." Niall said putting his hand on my back, I smiled and kissed his cheeks.

"Hey." I said and smiled. "You OK?"

"I’m good, are you?" He asked.

"I’m fine." I said.

"You are." He replied. I giggled. "What would you like?"

"Sex on the beach?" I said.

"Shall we go then?" He asked. Then, he turned around and laughed. "You where speaking about the cocktail right?" I nodded. "Shame, I’m game." I laughed again. "So how long are you here for?"

"One month!" I said.

"Oh, us too!" He replied. I smiled. "Now that you’re here longer, we should get together, some dinner?" I nodded and smiled. "Yeah?"

"Yes!" I said, he smiled, I smiled, he smiled, I smiled. "I’m not going to stay, I still haven’t slept and I’m passing out here."

"Shall I take your number?" He asked. I nodded and smiled. We switched numbers and then I left.


The night was still young, I spent the majority of the night with Niall.

"Do you want to go for a meal tomorrow night babe?" I asked.

"Sorry babe, I can’t. But I’m sure Harry’s holding the hot tub party, I’m going out to see something for you." He said, I smiled and kissed him, I was excited for this present. He was the best boyfriend ever, I could trust him with my life.